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What Is The Ideal Temperature For Each Room In Your House In Winters

Posted in: Updated: 16th April, 2024
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When it comes to extreme weather, energy bills are bound to skyrocket. The reason is the lack of proper management and setting of temperature in the house.

Here's a guide for you to maintain the ideal temperature in different parts of the house:


The bedroom is another key area where the right temperature setting can make all the difference in your comfort level. A slightly cooler environment of around 65-68°F (18-20°C) is recommended for optimal sleep. You might need to adjust your home's heating service to achieve this, especially in the heart of winter. 

Remember, a well-maintained heating service can ensure consistent temperatures throughout the night, providing you with a restful sleep while also being energy efficient. Additionally, bedding and blankets suited for cold weather can help maintain an ideal temperature in your bedroom.

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What Is The Ideal Temperature For Each Room In Your House In Winters 2

Living Room

The living room is often the most used space in a house, and it's crucial to maintain an ideal temperature for this area. During winters, the ideal temperature for the living room should be around 68-70°F (20-21°C). This range offers maximum comfort and helps save energy costs as well. Keep any windows or doors to the living room closed to maintain this temperature. Also, consider using a programmable thermostat to alter the temperature according to your schedule.


The kitchen is a slightly different area to consider when regulating the home temperature during winter. Due to the heat generated by cooking appliances, it's often warmer than other rooms. The ideal temperature for the kitchen should be around 68°F (20°C). 

If your kitchen is frequently colder or warmer than this, you may need to consider an HVAC installation or upgrade. A well-functioning HVAC system can efficiently regulate the temperature in your kitchen, ensuring a comfortable environment while you cook or dine. Remember, extreme temperatures can also affect your kitchen appliances' performance, so maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial for comfort and functionality. 


A warm & cozy bathroom is essential for a pleasant winter experience. The ideal temperature for this area should be around 73-77°F (23-25°C). This will prevent the shock of stepping out of a hot shower into a cold environment, helping to keep you comfortable and preventing potential health issues. 

You can also consider installing a heated towel rack or heated flooring for an added touch of warmth and luxury. Additionally, proper ventilation is crucial in the bathroom to prevent any moisture buildup that can cause mold growth.

What's Next?

Regulating home temperature during winter can be a challenging task. However, with MileHi HVAC's top-HVAC Contractor in Denver notch heating services, maintaining an optimal and comfortable temperature throughout your home is within reach. 

Our seasoned experts can assist with servicing your existing heating system, ensuring its efficiency and longevity. If you're finding that your current system needs to meet your needs, we also offer expert and cost-effective HVAC installation. Our team can work with you to select and install a system that best fits your home's unique needs and layout, offering consistent and energy-efficient heating. Call (720) 770-0055 for more details. 

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