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How Often Should You Replace The Furnace Humidifier Filter

Posted in: Updated: 31st October, 2023

The furnace humidifier filter is an essential part of any resident. It plays a significant part in winters when the air becomes drier and low in humidity. Thus, the humidifier brings back the moisture by scattering water vapor in the air. Sometimes, a person can get sick due to a lack of humidity and purity in the air.

Many humidifiers consist of a filter. Do you have an idea about the role of its filter? If you don’t know, then read further. This content embarks upon the significance of filters. Furthermore, you will also get aware of the problems if you don’t keep it maintained.


By adding moisture to the air, the humidifier makes the environment comfortable. Due to running day and night, its filter often gets dirty. The dirt in the filter is not suitable for human health. It can cause sickness. As the mist that the humidifier releases into the air will not be pure clean. Therefore, when a person breathes in that air, it can cause lung problems.

Thus, it is convenient to replace it regularly. In actuality, no person can tell you how often you should replace the furnace humidifier filter as it depends on the usage of the humidifier.


Usually, you should replace your filter once every three months as it will prevent the filter from getting dirtier and spreading impurity through its mist. Moreover, if the usage of humidifiers is daily, the inhabitants should change it once every two months.

In the case of a mineral absorption pad, the replacement requirement is different. You should change the pad every two or three weeks as it will help in the prevention of emitting deposit minerals. Furthermore, filters consist of a coating that reduces mold growth. However, it can not stop the mold. Therefore, no replacement can lead to rust spreading on the filter coverings and the device.

Thus, a person can change the filter on his own. Whereas, replacement of the whole furnace requires experts. The Mile HVAC service provides furnace replacement in Denver. Therefore, if you live in the Metro Denver Area, you can seek their help easily.


If you live in an area where often difficult water issues arise. You must change the filter every month as the number of mineral salts in the water is high. Therefore, it can cause white dust in the filter, which is quite hazardous. Moreover, due to hard water, the filters hinder rapidly. Thus, irresponsibility can either lead to an uncertain situation or increment in expenses.


If you have to go somewhere for a long time, then it is required to shut down the humidifier. Thus, when shutting down, the owner should replace the filter with a new one. Moreover, it is also essential to empty water tanks as it contains old water. Leaving the old filter or water in the humidifier will result in rust formation on the filter. That leaves the water smelly.


Briefly, the life of a humidifier’s filter depends on many more factors. For example, if you have a pet or smoker at your house. It can lead to more filter replacement. Moreover, having a heater at home or running it for a longer time can add to the need for filter replacement. Dust is also an essential factor that plays a role to reduce its life. It will lead to replacing one inch and two-inch filters every month.

Thus, the furnace filter should be of good quality as it plays an essential role in the air quality of your house. Furthermore, the owner should keep extra filters to keep replacing the old ones. That will keep the humidifier to perform its task smoothly.

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