AC Installation

To install AC is a central and crucial job to enjoy the benefits provided by the air conditioner. Accurate installation aids in attaining the optimum cooling of the occupied space, or else it might require frequent maintenance issues. AC units should be installed in dry and open areas away from direct sunlight. Here you can learn how to install the AC unit in your house step by step.

Placing of the Indoor unit

Ascend the Silver Plate on the Wall

First and foremost, start mounting the plate over the wall. Hold it at the right level against the wall so that it is horizontally and vertically at an accurate scale. Mark the points from where the screw holes need to be drilled in and tightly adjust the plate on the wall with screws.

Drill the Hole Accurately

A hole of approximately 3 inches needs to be drilled in the center of the mounting plate through where pipes need to be connected from indoor to outdoor units. It should be slightly sloped towards the ground for drainage.

Now, pass and connect the pipes and cables through the hole to the outside unit. Proper spacing of the AC unit is 7 feet off the floor, 6 to 12 inches space from each side of the group, and 1 meter away from other power or gas lines should be given.

Use Electric Tape

Additionally, secure pipes and wires with electrical tape but ensure the drainpipe is at the bottom for free water flow. Carefully secure the indoor unit of AC over to the mounting plate and secure the connections of the AC unit and mounting plate. The wall where you are installing the AC should be very durable.

Placing of the outdoor unit

Pipe and Cable Connection

Firstly, a concrete pad must be laid on the ground to avoid putting condenser directly on the ground. Keep a cushion of rubber over the pad to minimize the effect of vibration. Then after positioning the outdoor condenser unit over the concrete pad, secure it with anchor bolts.

Secure Copper Pipes

Secondly, secure copper pipes through flare nuts with an indoor unit and connect the power cable from indoors to the outdoor unit. Connect the power supply carefully. Remove caps from the valves and connect the hose of the vacuum pump to the service port. Keep it on until the vacuum reaches 10mmHg. Finally, turn it off after closing its low-pressure knob.

Start the Unit

Furthermore, make sure to use clamps to fix the pipes. Now, AC installation is complete, and you are ready to turn the unit AC on. Consequently, It will take a few minutes for cooling, and then you will be able to enjoy the cool environment.


These days having an AC system is important. To manage in hot temperature and high humidity in such weather is not possible without an AC Unit, whether it is your living space or workplace.

Therefore, by following the steps mentioned earlier, you will end up installing Air condition smartly at desired places, and you may save thousands of rupees of installation charges. Now you may enjoy the benefits of your installed air conditioner.


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