Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters are an essential part of every house. They ensure there is plenty of hot water for you to use for different purposes. The water heater efficiency is reduced due to when the sand or some other natural minerals are settled at the bottom. Furthermore, this problem can also reduce the capacity of the water heater. The ongoing maintenance can also interfere if the water heater has clogged the drain.

Hence, most of the water heater maintenance experts suggest to drain it every six to twelve months. If the sediments are settled in it then the water heater will use more energy and cost more money. To drain the water heater and remove the sediments here are some easy DIY steps that will take little time and can be done with basic tools everyone has at home. Moreover, you can also order a tankless water heater in Denver for your ease.

Turn Off Water Supply

The first and foremost step of how to drain a water heater is that you have to turn off the valve for the cold water supply. Cut the water supply immediately if you plan to drain the water heater.

Turn Off Water Heater

To turn off the water heater, turn the thermostat to the pilot mode. Or you can shut off the whole system at the breaker box in case you have an electric heater. Electric heaters should be completely turned off because it can burn out due to heating if the water level drops. Afterward, shut off the water either from the main water supply or from the cold water valve. Ensure that pressure is off by testing the taps in the house if the water is running through them or not.

Connect Drain Valve And Hose

Attach the drain hose to the drain valve. Now open up the drain valve. Afterward, release the vacuum in the tank to release the drain. To complete this task you have to remove one end of the pipe for hot water supply. It is above the water heater, pull it to the side just a little bit to allow the air to enter the tank. By doing so, the water will burst out of the drain.

Flush The Tank

After the tank is drained completely, turn the water on for a few seconds or minutes. This will drain out the tank again if you add a few gallons at a time. Then leave the pipe for hot water disconnected until the tank drainage and flushing is complete. After doing this you can connect the pipe again.

Reload The Tank

To refill the water heater disconnect the hose and shut off the drain valve. Now reconnect the hot water pipe to the tank and make sure it is connected tightly. Add the water back in the tank and open the hot side tap of the bathtub to release any air in the pipes and lines. Keep the tap on until the water spouts out of it instead of just air.

Light The Water Heater

Lastly, relight the tank if it is a gas water heater or simply power on for the electric heater. You would now get the hot water in an hour or so. Moreover, you can also hire service from Mile-Hi HVAC as it is the best as well as provides tankless water heaters and you can completely rely on them.


To drain the water heater every six months is a smart decision. It will save you from the upcoming major problems. The sediments in your tank build up in your tank affect the efficiency and storage of the tanks and lead to clogs. To remove sediments and clear the taps to drain the water heater, follow the above mentioned simple steps.

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